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Evian mineral water spray– Love this stuff. After the flight my skin is usually parched and left feeling dry.  A spritz of Evian spray will leave your skin feeling more moisturized and bright looking.  get it here

EOS Lip Balm- Got to have lip balm to prevent any cracking or peeling on your lips.  Keep them moisturized with this cute lip balm from EOS. get it here

Gummy Bears- Be sure and bring something to snack on.  My choice of snackage is always gummy bears. get it here

Hello Kitty neck pillow- Of course it doesn’t need to be Hello Kitty, I just happen to love her. Small item to carry on the plane, big pay off for comfort. similar here

Ipad- My most used item during a trip is probably my Ipad.  I need it to check my emails and most importantly, watch Twilight on the plane for the hundredth time 🙂 get it here

Ear Phones- Pretty much to not disturb the people around me. I just use the ones my Iphone came with. get it here

Magazines- When I get bored of my Ipad I try to catch up on my trends with fashion magazines. get it here

Eye drops- Last but definitely not least I must have eye drops. I wear contacts so my eyes get extremely dry being on a plane.  I love using minty eyedrops because not only does it feel good I feel like it helps create natural tears as well.  Rohto is my favorite brand hands down. get it here